Durag for Women

The durag is an accessory for hair more and more fashionable for women. Indeed, the durag brings a unique and marked style, it allows all women to assert their personality. For this, we offer durags for women classic, but also colored and patterned to always have one that will fit perfectly with your outfit of the day. This style is democratized enormously among women in the United States because some stars wear them routinely as Kylie Jenner or Rihanna.
As for men, we have here women’s durags in silk, satin and velvet. All materials will suit women, because most of the time, this haircut accessory is not used to get waves but rather to maintain long hair.

The benefits of wearing a durag for a woman:

  1. Taking care of your hair
  2. Tie your hair in a stylish way
  3. Very practical for sports practice
  4. Maintain your braids
  5. Protect from the sun

The durag for women can be worn in many different styles, it is its great strength, it could be worn with a casual outfit, but also in a classy and chic style.
Now it’s up to you to choose the durag that will suit you from our women’s collection, and proudly impose your style.

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