Origin and History of Durag

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The history of durag is long and strongly rooted in black culture, which is why we have to rely on the facts and words of those who were born in that culture. Eminem and the Durag, a total flop Let’s go back to 2003, when Eminem caused a stir by taking the stage at the … Read more

The 13 best wave hairstyles for men in 2022

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Here is a list of the most beautiful wave haircuts for men. Discover the waves and waves in fashion in 2021. Discover also the most beautiful waves haircuts for women.

Products for Waves 360

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Before you read about these products, you should know that the products do not produce waves per se. They only enhance the waves you already have and make it easier to create waves. Hair butters keep waves shiny and strong Introducing the all new Wavy Hair Butter. Developed specifically for wavy hair. If you want … Read more

Durag Louis Vuitton : Where to find a Durag LV ?

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Louis Vuitton is a French haute couture house that is very well known for their luxury women’s bags, leather goods, shoes, jewelry, clothing and also many more luxurious fashion accessories.  The classic LV logo proudly appears on most of their products and many people choose to purchase this style of designer clothing to show others … Read more

The most beautiful hairstyles wave women in 2021

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360 wave hairstyles are not just for men, here is a list of the best wave haircuts for women in 2021. This fashionable wave haircut for women is achieved through a specific hairstyle, a special care given to the hair and its good maintenance through a durag for women. The semi-long big waves cut The … Read more

Durag Price – What is the real price of a durag?

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The price of a durag is defined according to two main criteria: the quality of manufacture of the bandana and the material used to create this accessory. Here are the prices of the durags according to the 3 main materials: The price of a satin durag A satin durag costs between 10 and 15 $, … Read more

How to make waves on your hair

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The Waves 360 is also known as the “360” cut, “the waves” or “waves 360”. This unique and eye-catching look was made famous by rapper Nelly and is a popular style among African-American men. The 360s put waves in your hair, no matter what the natural texture is. If you want to put this sexy … Read more

Durag Gucci: Fake or Reality?

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Does Gucci make durags? Gucci is a world-renowned Italian luxury brand, founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The main products offered by the fashion house are high-end fashion and leather goods. Gucci is known for pushing the boundaries of high-end fashion but has recently branched out into streetwear. However, the Gucci durag you’re looking at … Read more

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