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DrippyyDurags is a community founded in the 1980’s when the hip-hop culture arrived in France from the United States. This culture brought the waves to France and of course the Durag that goes with it. Since that time, we are the French reference for Durag. Today we offer a large number of quality Durags at a very affordable price. On our online store of durag you will find all type of fabrics: durag in velvet, durag in silk and also durag in satin. Each fabric has unique properties that will have a different effect on your hair and waves. To make sure that there is something for everyone, we offer durags for men, women and children.
We do our best to make sure that our durags are used to create a unique style or to create your 360 waves. Either way, your hair will thank you.
If you have any questions about the quality of our products, or if you would like to know if one of our accessories is in stock or out of stock, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, who will be happy to advise you!

Our online store will satisfy you fully, we have many durag in different colors white, black, red, pink, purple … We pay particular attention to the quality and manufacturing details of our products, to clearly display our delivery times and to offer a qualitative after-sales service. We take into account all the opinions of our customers to improve ourselves to the maximum.

This page discusses the effectiveness of the different types of durags available today. People choose to wear durags for a number of reasons. As a man or woman trying to get and maintain 360 waves, you should choose a durag based on the amount of compression it provides. Beginners often get lost in the shuffle and end up with du-rags that do not help them improve their waves. Each material will serve its purpose for your hair.

We have limited stock and our star durags are selling out at an impressive rate at any price, especially our black bandana, so order before our signature scarf runs out. There are different variations to suit everyone, such as durags bonnet to keep warm in winter or to have a very strong support at night to preserve and build your waves.

Why put a Durag ?

The durag has multiple uses and is used in many ways. Here are the 3 main reasons for using a durag:

  • The durag allows you to provide a distinct style, to distinguish yourself from the mass, to bring a unique flow in its kind. Once on your hair, it can give style, adapt to an outfit, it becomes a trademark.
  •  The durag is an essential hair accessory to make waves, it will allow to maintain your hair and to exert a compression in order to form waves 360 or braids and to obtain a unique hairstyle.
  •  It is also used for sports, indeed the durag allows to maintain its hair to avoid being disturbed by a strand of hair in full training. Moreover, it allows to absorb the perspiration to avoid that this one falls in your eyes and irritates you.

Where to buy durags?

The best place to buy a durag is obviously at a specialist. At, we are passionate about durags and have been wearing them for years. We offer you unique durags, in the best materials and fabrics, and also in every conceivable color. We also recommend our site because we are the experts in the field of durag, you can find all the useful information on our blog but also by mail with our customer service.

How to choose your durag

For a beginner, choosing a durag can be complicated, as there are many of them, in various materials: silk, velvet and satin. Each durag will have its own advantages, so you will be spoilt for choice.

  • The silk durag is light and affordable, it will help you to maintain your waves perfectly and will protect the waves of your hair.
  • The satin durag will allow you to have an airy durag and let the air pass through to keep your hair moisturized, which will allow you to have a perfectly healthy scalp so that your waves are dazzling. Satin durag, also known as silky rag, is very reasonably priced.
  • The velvet durag is the ultimate fashion accessory and is embraced by most because its signature style stands out from the rest. With a velvet durag, your style will be assertive and impactful. Be careful though, as you can quickly sweat if the weather is too hot.

Who can wear a Durag?

A durag can be worn by a man as well as a woman, or even a child. The durag can be worn on various occasions, it is the ideal accessory to make beautiful wave hairstyles to your hair and also to assert its style. More and more stars wear it for its aesthetic side.

How to wear a durag ?

Here are the steps to put the durag on your head correctly:

  1. Position the durag on your head
  2. Wrap the strings of the durag behind your head
  3. Cross the strings on the front of your head
  4. Make a knot
  5. Lower the cape
  6. Fold the flap of the durag if you wish

How do I get Waves?

To have perfect waves, brush your hair with a wave 360 brush, brushing is the key to have the particular wave. Brush your hair every day for 15 minutes in the same way. Your waves will then be well drawn, in order to maintain them, it will be necessary to use a durag to have a compression on your hair. The use of a durag is necessary to the elaboration of waves, it is almost impossible to have waves without durag. The durag is very important, you have to wear it during the whole night.

The history of durag:

The history of the durag is deep and mythological, it is an unspoken tradition built around a simple piece of fabric. It is a hair item so widely available, yet so personally defined. What makes the durag so unique that it defines decades of black American culture?

One of the first published mentions of the durag was in the June 1966 Akron Beacon Journal, then spelled “Do Rag.” It was described there as “a strip of cloth worn around the forehead like a headband, a sweat scarf to hold the hair in place.” They have evolved since the 19th century, when slave women used headbands to hold their hair in place while working. Companies like So Many Waves are credited with selling their version of the durag in the late 1970s, called the “Tie-down.” It became an indispensable tool for black men, used to shape their curls or to set hairstyles while sleeping. The durag remained exclusively functional until the 1990s, when it began to become a symbol of inner-city black culture. Years before the fashion industry took notice, it had become fashionable on the streets. The durag went from being a hair care item (for the wave) to a legitimate style accessory, popularized by hip-hop in particular and reflected on the heads of men and boys across the country.

The durag was originally used mainly for waves

Growing up, the goal was always to have the best waves. Most of us had to train our hair to achieve this look with a bandana. My technique was to spray my hair with water, apply pomade and oil, then brush it until my arms burned. I would finish the process by loosely tying my durag (with the seam on the outside to avoid the dreaded forehead line). I would wake up the next morning with bright, swirling waves. Having waves did not mean meeting a standard of beauty and was not imposed by the outside world. Durags represented the pride of natural hair, decades before hashtags existed. This ritual continues today, with videos all over social media. Each clip contains groups of young people proudly showing off their 360 waves (when their curl pattern creates a wave effect that envelops the entire head). This took the style to new heights, turning into a friendly competition. Durags has made it cool that black men care about the appearance of their hair. 

The field of fashion has then appropriated the durag

There’s no denying that high fashion has found inspiration in accessories such as the durag. There have been subtle and not so subtle interpretations on the catwalks, sporting silky durags of all styles and colors: black, pink, red, white, purple. However, to wear it, you need a gait that cannot be borrowed. Solange Knowles effortlessly wore a durag adorned with a halo at the 2018 Met Gala. Before her, there was rapper Cam’ron, who made pink durags a thing in the early 2000s. They became more flamboyant in that era. Today, there are countless colors, prints, lengths and fabrics. Many stars grace the cover of Vogue with durags. Durags are customizable to match any look or attitude. They manage to be both street and punk. Durags make a statement, but they’re more than just fashion. They are a piece of history that has remained intact, allowing the wearer to express who they are. This is why they are so fascinating in that they represent the styles of an often misunderstood counterculture.  Today the durag is being worn more and more thanks to the black power movement especially with the star Rihanna who proudly asserts her Afro origin.

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