Silky Durag

The silk durag is without a doubt the most popular option among connoisseurs. Silk durags have been around for a very long time. But they have become popular only recently.
These silk based durags are made in a way that gives it a shiny look. Silk durags are generally the most popular durags. They look stylish, are comfortable when tied and offer excellent compression.
How do I know if a durag is made of real silk? Silk has the characteristic of being shiny, smooth to the touch and lightweight. If your durag has all these qualities, then it is made of real silk. If it lacks one or more of these qualities, I would not consider it “silky”.
Silk du-rags do a great job of compressing the hair. That’s why I highly recommend using a silk durag on a daily and nightly basis. It will give you perfect waves.
We highly recommend this type of durag to all beginners who are looking for a good bandana that will give them the best results for their waves.

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