Pink Velvet Durag

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This beautiful pink velvet durag is made in the most perfect tradition and will keep your hair in place. It will perfectly suit your look with its pink color.

  • Made from premium pink velvet
  • Durag provides exceptional comfort
  • Maintains the compression needed to create 360° waves
  • Incomparable style

Durag pink 100% pure velvet made with an emphasis on superior quality while having an attractive price. You can be sure that our genuine velvet products will exceed your expectations, your scalp can be sufficiently ventilated to provide waves.

The strings of this durag are specifically tailored for a comfortable fit during the day as well as at night. This is the perfect durag for all wave and braid lovers.

  • One size fits all – breathable velour and ideal fit. So you’ll never see your durag slip off at night.
  • Premium quality – we use only the highest quality velvet materials that provide the softest feel while retaining the moisture needed to hold your style in place.
  • Ideal compression – to hold hair while retaining moisture. This compression will enhance your waves and keep them in place for a long time.
  • Outside Seam – All seams are on the outside, so there are no lines in the middle of your haircut.
  • Unisex – This durag will fit both men and women, no jealousy! Made of velvet, it’s perfect for your hair.
  • Fashionable – This durag is not common, it combines a fashionable look with a comfortable fit.
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