Durag Price – What is the real price of a durag?

The price of a durag is defined according to two main criteria: the quality of manufacture of the bandana and the material used to create this accessory. Here are the prices of the durags according to the 3 main materials:

The price of a satin durag

A satin durag costs between 10 and 15 $, the price is very correct and the satin allows to maintain your hair well.

The price for a silky durag

A silky durag has an approximate price of 12 $. The silk is cheap and of good quality, which makes it possible to make a complete durag and usable without all the conditions

The velvet durag : its price

The silk durag has a slightly more expensive price, about 15$. This is simply because velvet is a noble material that costs more than silk or satin.

Please note: The price of a durag can also vary depending on the patterns, a designer durag (gucci, LV, etc…) will cost more than a basic, plain design.

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