How to make waves on your hair

The Waves 360 is also known as the “360” cut, “the waves” or “waves 360”. This unique and eye-catching look was made famous by rapper Nelly and is a popular style among African-American men. The 360s put waves in your hair, no matter what the natural texture is. If you want to put this sexy and eye-catching look on your head, here are some tips.

Step 1: Prepare your hair

1. Make sure your hair and scalp are in good condition.

Hair type is not an issue, but the more curl-prone your hair is, the easier it will be to create waves. If your hair is long enough to get curls, it will also be long enough to create waves. Make sure your hair is healthy so it can grow back well and long.
If you have scalp problems, or if you have trouble getting rid of dandruff, remedy these problems before trying to make waves, by using a shampoo specially designed for the scalp.

2. Make an appointment with your hairdresser or barber to have your hair cut. 

There are different types of cuts to use as a base for this style:

  • Cut your hair with a 0.8 cm guide comb in the direction of growth.
  • Shave your hair. Your hair should form a horizontal line with your forehead.
  • Get a traditional haircut

3. Buy a durag to facilitate the creation of waves.

From now on, you’ll need to take care of your hair every day, and maintenance requires the right tools. Here are some products you may need:
A wave brush. In other words, a brush without a handle, which is designed to brush long hair. This type of brush gives you the control you need.
Shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair. This will make your hair soft enough to tame. If you don’t have a conditioner for wavy hair, the traditional one will still do the trick.
Hair lotion. Many men use lotions from Lush to soften their hair. Other hair lotions can work just as well.
Pomade. Pomade will help set the waves on the scalp.
A satin or silk or velvet durag. This is necessary to secure the hair and protect it while sleeping.

4. Be prepared to spend time with your hair. 

You will need to “train” your hair, which will take time and effort to rearrange it daily. If you can watch TV and listen to the radio at the same time, you may find it a pleasant way to pass the time.

What you’re really doing is stretching the natural curls in your hair, which will then form waves. Think of your hair as a spring or a band that is twisted; when you let go, the band will still look curly. That’s what you’ll do with your hair.

Step 2: Creating the waves

1. Wash your hair with a shampoo for wavy hair.

Specific shampoos designed for men who want to achieve this hair style are available on the market. If you don’t want to use shampoo for wavy hair, you can use ordinary shampoo, or even soap. Getting waves is possible even without special shampoos.

2. Brush your hair regularly

After showering, washing and conditioning your hair, apply lotions and pomades just enough to cover your hair and brush it downward from the top of your head.

You should also brush the hair on the back of the neck forward towards the eyes and brush the hair on the sides forward but down towards the chin.

Starting at the top, brush the hair from the back of your head down towards your neck. Imagine a small circle at the top of your head. As you work your way around this circle, brush outward until you have brushed your entire head.

3. Brush evenly

Many guys say they can only create waves on the front and not on the back of their head. This means they haven’t brushed their hair enough in the back part.

4. Wear the durag once you have brushed your hair

This will help hold the waves firmly in place. Make sure it is tight, but not too tight. Leave the cap on your head for at least 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to put the cap on before you go to bed.

Step 3: Maintaining your 360° waves

1. Get a regular haircut

Remember to do this at least every 2-4 weeks, but keep your hair long enough for curls to form. Talk to your hairdresser and explain what you’ve done, making sure your hair isn’t cut “against the grain” – that is, in the opposite direction to the way you comb it.

2. Don’t let your hair dry out

The secret to beautiful waves lies in moisturizing your hair. Durag will help with this, so be sure to moisten it with water before putting it on. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

3. Continue to brush your hair and wear a durag before bed.

This protects your hair from rubbing against your pillow and pillowcase during the night, which could wipe out all your efforts.

Brush your hair five times on each side, at least three times a day. Brushing is the thing that fixes your hair where it belongs.

Don’t wash but simply rinse your hair as you make waves. Wash your hair weekly with a shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair.

You can also wet a clean towel and put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Then wrap the hot towel around your hair for a few minutes to soften it before brushing.

Our expert advice:

  • If you are using an ointment, be sure to put a warm towel on your head to allow the ointment to penetrate deep into your hair.
  • The thicker your hair, the harder the brush should be; the softer or straighter your hair, the softer the brush.
  • When you first get your hair cut, use a soft brush because your scalp will be exposed. By the third week, you can switch to a stiff brush.
  • If your hair is not curly, you should wear a durag for at least 12 hours a day.
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