Durag Gucci: Fake or Reality?

Does Gucci make durags?

Gucci is a world-renowned Italian luxury brand, founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. The main products offered by the fashion house are high-end fashion and leather goods. Gucci is known for pushing the boundaries of high-end fashion but has recently branched out into streetwear. However, the Gucci durag you’re looking at probably isn’t real. We get tons of messages on social media from our followers asking if Gucci makes durags. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of gucci durags.

Designers’ durags

Looking online or even on a friend’s head, you’ve probably seen a “designer durag”. We’re sorry to tell you, but this Gucci durag is not a real one, in the same way that Louis Vuitton durags are.

Often touted as “custom” or “inspired”, these durags are usually covered with the fashion house’s imprint, but the quality and, of course, the price are the proof.

These brands create products for hundreds and thousands of dollars, so the Gucci durag you see on Amazon or another site is not authentic.

Durag gucci2

Why do people buy this type of durag gucci?

Why we can’t get into the minds of everyone in the market to buy a Gucci durag. We have found the reason why people buy these designer gucci durags:

  • An affordable way to wear a high-end brand
  • The hope that people don’t realize
  • They’re just in love with gucci’s style

Where to buy a durag gucci?

Unfortunately gucci designer durags are very complicated to find nowadays, getting one has become a real fighting mission.

If you want to wear a Gucci printed durag, you’ll have to scour the internet but there are many options with different styles for an affordable price if you look hard enough.

le durag gucci
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