Durag Louis Vuitton : Where to find a Durag LV ?

Louis Vuitton is a French haute couture house that is very well known for their luxury women’s bags, leather goods, shoes, jewelry, clothing and also many more luxurious fashion accessories.  The classic LV logo proudly appears on most of their products and many people choose to purchase this style of designer clothing to show others that they are wearing a luxury accessory that not everyone can afford or get due to very unique and time sensitive collections.

To extend its streetwear dominance, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with many people and brands, including Supreme and Kanye West.  They usually come out with highly sought after clothing, sneakers and accessories. 

Does Louis Vuitton make durags?

Despite numerous collaborations, like Gucci, LV has never made louis vuitton durag. 

Although the French fashion house has collaborated with different brands and people, it has yet to release a true Louis Vuitton durag

So for now, you’ll have to learn how to make wave with a classic durag. That said, we’re optimistic that a collaboration with Louis Vuitton will take shape.

durag LV

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